TBMM Corrective Exercise Business Professional Course


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The BioMechanics Method® Corrective Exercise Business Professional online education program is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of how to create and maintain a successful corrective exercise business.  It provides instruction and guidance regarding finding potential customers, development of a business plan, integration of corrective exercise services into your business, marketing, creating professional relationships and referral sources, and keeping both customers and yourself happy.

Available Course Credits

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Analyze the market to see if there is a demand for corrective exercise services in your proposed business area. 
  2. Develop a structured and well-organized corrective exercise business plan. 
  3. Utilize specific strategies to transition your current business offerings to include corrective exercise services.
  4. Market your new corrective skills and services to your existing clientele and attract new clients/customers.
  5. Create beneficial and productive networking and referral systems that continually steer new clients to your business.
  6. Keep your clients happy and your business growing by providing exceptional customer service.
  7. Evaluate your work load and create a healthy work/life balance so you and your business continue to thrive.
  8. Provide evidence of your understanding of the business areas described above through the successful completion of a multiple choice exam.

Course Procedure

The information in this educational program is delivered through a combination of reading comprehension, skills practice tests, and practical activities.  In order to make the most of this learning opportunity, please carefully read and follow all of the instructions provided.

What is included in this educational course?

The following materials are included in your online educational package:

  •    A digital business textbook entitled Corrective Exercise Business Professional
  •    A digital workbook and reference guide entitled Business and Marketing Template
  •    1 digital file containing the Corrective Exercise Marketing Tools
  •    1 online test consisting of a multiple choice exam

In what order should I complete the Business Professional course modules?

It is recommended that you complete the components of this course in the following order:

  1. Read the information contained in the Corrective Exercise Professional Business Professional textbook
  2. Complete the activities contained in the Business and Marketing Template workbook
  3. Take the multiple choice exam.

The success of The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Business Professional program depends on you building your skills in specific business areas one step at a time.  Skipping chapters or activities contained in the course does not enable you to adequately comprehend the material.  Completing all of the course components will greatly improve your skill acquisition as you work toward becoming a successful corrective exercise business professional.

How long should it take to complete this course?   

The estimated completion time for The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Business Professional course in its entirety is approximately 30-40 hours.

How is my grade for this course determined?

Your final grade for this course is determined on a Pass/Fail basis.  In order to receive a passing grade, you must correctly answer a minimum of 70% of the multiple choice exam questions. If you do not receive an overall pass on the multiple choice exam on your first attempt, you may retake it at no additional charge.

How long do I have to complete this course?

There is no set time limit for the completion of this course.  One of the wonderful things about this flexible learning program is that you can determine your own pace for completing the course.  However, you may lose motivation or course continuity if you do not approach your studies in a structured or timely manner.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you develop a course completion timeline to help you keep focused and ensure you complete all the required course components and tests. 

Course Content

Important Course Information - Please Read
TBMM Corrective Exercise Business Professional Manual
TBMM Business Professional Business and Marketing Template
TBMM Corrective Exercise Business Professional Test
Client Program Workbooks - digital files